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“If you can respond to a 1-2 star review within 24 hours, you have a 33% higher probability of the guest returning and upgrading that review.”
Nation’s Restaurant News

“22% of consumers say they will not dine at a restaurant after reading just one negative review. On average, a single negative review could cost a business up to 30 customers.”

Almost 60% of customers says an efficient response to a review changes their perspective.
Modern Restaurant Management



We respond to ALL your reviews PROFESSIONALLY. Positive, Mixed, and Negative Reviews. NO AI. All human-generated responses. Within 24 hours. We are writers and reputation managers. We use the perfect words to neutralize negative reviews. We use positive reviews as subtle promotion. We establish authenticity, credibility, and win return visits and recommendations. We have experience in all restaurant concepts from fast casual to fine dining.



We were powered by analytics long before it was cool…Restaurants have large volumes of text data social media comments, and reviews. We offer sentiment analysis, guest feedback, benchmarking, and analytics tools, enabling restaurants to gain valuable insights into guest preferences and behaviors, enhancing guest satisfaction, increasing online reviews and allowing restaurants to tailor services and promotions to meet their guests’ needs.



Restaurant guests use social media for inspiration when deciding where to dine, and they share reviews, pictures, posts, reviews, comments, and recommendations during and after their visit. We POST 7 DAYS A WEEK to encourage guests with compelling content. We outline a robust content strategy, identifying key themes, topics, and goals. RR Social boosts engagement, expands your audience, and encourages guests to dine with you.


What is the Most Effective Marketing to reach the right audience with a highly personalized message in the moments that matter? The rightly worded response.
100% of people who read reviews, also read the responses! Restaurants get more and better reviews, when they start responding professionally.
Responses and Reviews INFLUENCE BOOKERS more than Billboards, Pay-per-Click Advertising, SEM and Email Marketing.


A PROFESSIONAL response has an IMMEDIATE impact (up to 10% increase) on your REVENUE.

1. Impressive HUMAN-ORIGINATED Responses
We address every review –  positive and negative; we craft thoughtful, professional responses that showcase your commitment to guest satisfaction. We do not use AI. Research has shown that savvy guests recognize AI. Our flair and creativity with words let guests know they matter.
2. 24 hour Response

We respond swiftly to feedback, whether it's praise or criticism. Show your customers that their voices matter by partnering with us for prompt, attentive review management

3. It’s Personal

What sets us apart is our ability to seamlessly integrate with your restaurant's brand identity. Our responses feel authentic and resonate with your customers because we become an extension of your team. We NEVER REPEAT responses.

4. Healthy Perspective

A restaurant manager might take negative feedback personally. This can lead to defensive responses which won’t be favorable for the restaurant's image. We have the healthy distance and perspective to respond in a neutral tone.

5. Continuity

In the dynamic restaurant industry, personnel changes can be common. However, with our review response service, you can rest assured that your restaurant's online reputation remains steadfast and consistent. We ensure that the same high-quality response standards are maintained, even amidst turnovers.

6. Efficiency

Restaurant managers wear many hats, and their to-do lists can be overwhelming. Responding to reviews shouldn't be a source of stress. Our review response service is designed to bring efficiency to your operations. We're here to make their job easier, allowing them to shine where it matters most – delighting the guests.

7. Experience

We understand the nuances of the restaurant industry and the various brands, value propositions, and customer demographics. We've partnered with restaurants, bars, and cafes of all sizes and categories. With our expertise, your responses will resonate with your specific customer base.

8. Going beyond

We never stop where we are "supposed" to. We pride ourselves on not just meeting but exceeding your expectations. Our review response service goes the extra mile to ensure that every interaction with your customers leaves a lasting impression.



We make every word of this free space count to create the maximum favorable impression of a stay experience, the hotel’s quality, professionalism, accountability and exceptional guest service. We have perfectly balanced the number of words guests typically read with the number of words that contribute ideally to content requirements on search engines and ensure the following criteria are met in each response:

Reflects the brand
Uses a Negative Review as a Business Opportunity
Promotes Restaurant Experiences
Emotionally Compensates
Uses Positive words including Positive prepositions
Casual Tone vs. Formal Tone

Working with us is easy.